Creating the right opportunities for start-ups

Inspired by space?

We help entrepreneurs to turn their space-connected business ideas into commercial companies with:

  • Up to two-year incubation programme
  • Up to 80 hours of Technical support from leading experts in the region and from ESA on a case-by-case basis
  • Networking access to grow outside your region or country
  • ESA BIC or ESA space solutions branding
  • Business coaching and workshops 
  • Fundraising guidance and opportunities (eg EBAN)
  • €50K spark-funding for product and IP development
  • up to €50K cash funding (according to the BIC, this could be a bank loan or a convertible loan or seed money or grant or...)
Business Incubation Centres: Facts & Figures on 31/08/2018
Number of ESA BICs
Number of Locations within the ESA BICs
Total Startups to date (since July 2003)
Overall Percentage of Applications of Space Systems
FTE (on 450 start-ups)
TurnOver (on 450 start-ups)

More than just incubation

The largest single incubation network in Europe

ESA Business Incubation Centres (BICs) are embedded in a local community. They are managed by local champions who connect the centres to local- industry, universities, research organisations, government and investor communities.

Tapping into this excellence provides rich opportunities to get your product or service market-ready and off the ground.

Network Highlights

ESA BIC to open in Northern Germany

30 October 2018

Soon entrepreneurs in Northern Germany can join the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) in Bremen to turn their space ventures into viable start-up companies. ESA BIC Northern Germany to open will join ESA's European-wide network of 20 ESA BICs


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