Geospatial intelligence for agriculture

Founded in 2017 by

  • Márton Tolnai

Incubation period

01-11-2017 to 31-10-2019

About CropOM

CropOM is a crop monitoring and alert system with ready-to-use file creation for variable rate technology (VRT). 
CropOM is a B2B solution for Agriculture IT companies.   
USP:  Expand the services of Agriculture IT companies

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The challenge

Save agrucultural resources and increase profit.

The solution

VRT files
Benefits from variable rate technology with our intuitive and user friendly interface. Create and download ready-to-use prescription maps for your machinery and start precision tasks as soon as possible today.
Operational monitoring 
CropOM gathers and analyzes recent and historic satellite data to help your decision making before and during the growing season. Our data stream provides you continuous updates on vegetation status and health.
Alert mechanism 
Our alert mechanism informs you about vegetation stress in near-real-time, even before visible impact on the field. We provide you ready-to-use VRT files in order to reduce your reaction time.