Drone Rescue Systems

When safety matters ...

Founded in 2016 by

  • Markus Manninger

  • Andreas Ploier

Incubation period

31-03-2017 to 30-03-2019

About Drone Rescue Systems

Innovative parachute based device will rescue UAVs in case of emergency to prevent damages on people.

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The challenge

The main goal of this innovative product is to reduce the risk of harming people on the ground and bring down the expensive equipment safely when it comes to a malfunction of drones up in the air. The rise of the drones is unstoppable, but with this system they are still safe.
Minimizing the risk to harm people or the equipment is the essential part of the product. In combination with the flight data recording feature (blackbox) it also helps you in terms of insurance and liability related issues. Using the innovative product protects you as a pilot.

The solution

Drone Rescue invented the best reliability, flexibility and usability system: the relation between take-off-weight and the additional payload caused by the rescue system is unique. The patented mechanism to store and bring out the parachute is electrically triggered and releases within milliseconds. After a release it only takes a few minutes to re-pack the system and get your UAV ready to fly again.