Easiest full field soil moisture analysis

Founded in 2017 by

  • Tomaž Ščavničar

  • Mitja Koren

Incubation period

31-03-2017 to 30-03-2019

About Refarmo

Refarmo is a new digital tool to convert remote sensing data into precise irrigation plans

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The challenge

Full field soil moisture analysis for best irrigation planning, happy crops and high yields. Get data and algorithms for best irrigation results.

The solution

Place your full field soil moisture information in the centre of your irrigation planning.
Create conditions that encourages deeper root system and healthy plants.
Adapt to environmental and climatic factors with ease.

Observing full farm field soil moisture variability in REFARMO web portal. Field is analyzed with space satellite and processed with REFARMO algorithms.
Dry areas are marked with red color and wet with blue:

  • Mark your field and seamlessly get full field soil moisture information.
  • Analyze each corner of your field. Identify hotspots and optimize.
  • Irrigation requirements for best plant health and business profitability.