Robotic Eyes GmbH & Co KG

Leading Experts in Mixed Reality Technology and Holographic Visualization

Founded in 2016 by

  • Wolfgang Walcher

  • Bernhard Reitinger

Incubation period

01-01-2017 to 31-12-2018

About Robotic Eyes GmbH & Co KG

Offering standard software and development tools for Mixed Reality and AR, Robotic Eyes is an evolving leader in turn-key B2B solutions for architecture, construction, engineering and related industries. Combining advanced cloud services for 3D data optimization as well as the REX Holographic Collaboration Environment, Robotic Eyes enables collaborative Mixed Reality applications exploring real-world spatial databases of any size on any device.

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The challenge

For Mixed Reality applications it is necessary to project in real-time 3D models or 3D data into the real world around one or more users. This being a very young but rapidly growing industry, the main thrust of development has so far been towards gaming and entertainment where 3D worlds are hand crafted by artists and can be optimized for fast rendering. However, there has so far been a lack of solutions for business and engineering applications, where it is necessary to manage complex real-world data from many sources and of any size. For B2B solutions it is also important to be hardware and platform independent, to offer the highest security and privacy standards and at the same time make it easy to collaborate and share information within a company as well as with external partners.

The solution

Robotic Eyes has created a set of software components specifically designed to address the unique challenges of Mixed Reality business and engineering applications. Available are proprietary cloud services for managing a large variety of 3D information, including CAD models, geo-spatial databases, LIDAR point clouds and more, as well as the REX Holographic Collaboration Environment, a platform-independent collaborative visualization software development kit. Under development are a family of products supporting the architecture and construction industry capable of utilizing real-world CAD and spatial databases of any size in indoor and outdoor mixed reality applications. In addition, custom solutions for facility management, maintenance and field services and survey are being jointly developed with partner customers.