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Why ESA BIC Austria

ESA BIC Austria proposes a strong support structure with different partners. Companies to be hosted at the centre will benefit from:

  • Business development support, advice and effective workplaces for up to 24 months
  • Funding of 50.000 € for product development and IPR
  • Access to ESA IP for Commercialisation  
  • Technical Support up to 80 hours through technical partners
  • Support to secure further seed, loans, grants, business angel and venture capital as needed
  • Access to the international community of the ESA BIC's and to international ESA events
  • International contacts to industry players, research institutes and universities


Total start-ups selected to date
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About ESA BIC Austria

ESA BIC Austria is managed and coordinated Austria-wide by Science Park Graz. ESA BIC Austria draws on the organisation’s outstanding track record in high-tech business incubation – providing a unique environment geared exclusively to accelerating innovation and unlocking your commercial potential. With more than 15 years’ experience in business incubation, Science Park Graz has so far supported more than 200 technology and innovation projects.

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Find out how and when to apply

You can submit your application at any time and, in any of the BIC (the campaigns highlighted below are simply the three soonest upcoming campaigns).

To apply, select the BIC that is most convenient to you (see map of possible options "here") and contact them.

Closing date in

55th Selection Campaign Bavaria

5 November 2018

55th Selection Campaign Estonia

8 November 2018

55th Selection Campaign Bavaria

5 November 2018

55th Selection Campaign Estonia

8 November 2018

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Network Highlights

Startup Melange

5 December 2017

Frequent get-together of incuabtees and team to get to know the new incubatees, update about news and network with invited external experts while enjoying breakfast and coffee.

Success Story

Robotic Eyes - product launch REX

15 December 2017

For over one year, the Robotic Eyes Team has worked days and many nights to create REX, the Augmented Reality (AR) Platform for Architecture, Engineering and Construction.