Astradentium Health Technologies

Solving airborne cross-contamination in dental clinics.

Founded in 2014 by

  • Víctor Lloro

  • Ivan Lloro

  • Juan Bardera

Incubation period

01-10-2014 to 01-11-2016


About Astradentium Health Technologies

Astradentium is a company devoted to bring innovative concepts to the dental sector market.
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The challenge

Many standard dental care procedures generate sprays and aerosols filled with pathogens and, when working with amalgam fillings, toxic materials such as mercury. These aerosols, which stay airborne for up to 2 hours, are the main source of cross-contamination in dental clinics among patients and dental care professionals as well as dental box equipment and surfaces.

The solution

Inspired by Dr. Lloro's PhD Thesis on safe dental procedures within a space environment, Astradentium has engineered the definitive solution to cross-contamination by sprays and aerosols in Earth's dental clinics: the OBF®. This device effectively isolates the patient's oral cavity from the environment with a suction air flow at the peribucal area. Besides, the system grants unobstructed access to the oral cavity (unlike e.g. rubber dams) as well as acts as an ergonomic lip retractor for extra patient and dental healthcare practitioner comfort. The OBF® just needs to be attached to the High Volume Evacuation (HVE) vacuum socket available in any standard dental chair.