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Founded in 2016 by

  • Daniel Montañés

  • Marco Misiego

  • Pilar García

Incubation period

01-06-2016 to 01-06-2018


Aureel shapes around a main idea to cover an actual need the athletes have,establishing a real time pace for a correct training. Having that in mind a team of people with different aptitudes was created in order to develop the REEN idea,which led to the idea of creating a company

Contact info

    • Esteve Terradas, 1 - Edificio RDIT ESA BIC
    • 08860
    • Barcelona
    • España
  • +34686 39 47 44

The challenge

The technologic challenge related to the spatial area is the generation of precise real time speed data by using a GNSS/INS low cost, consume and size system.
So what we propose here is to use ESA’s spatial infrastructures regarding navigation for the estimation of this speed with the required precision. For this we propose to take advantage of both EGNOS and the new Galileo’s E5 signals. The fact that the use of both solutions provide decimetric precisions regarding positioning has been proven under different FP7 projects.

The solution

The real time speed estimation, as a spatial technology developed in the previous point is useful in terms of knowing and processing the pace at which an athlete is running.
This is due to the fact that if a correct constant pace is not maintained throughout time, the athlete may get tired before finishing his exercising or may not reach the time goals established by the different routines. At the same time, this multiplies the benefits when providing the user with real time feedback which is re-calculated automatically if the athlete is beyond the correct pace or above it.