Microwave remote sensors, easy measures of soil moisture over large areas without infrastructure!

Founded in 2015 by

  • Roger Jové

Incubation period

15-06-2015 to 15-06-2017

About Balamis

Balamis is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of airborne and ground-based radars and radiometers.
Since its creation at the beginning of 2015, the company has focused on fulfilling the needs of precision agriculture companies, infrastructure survey companies, research centers and governmental institutions.
Balamis is a spin-off company from the Remote Sensing Laboratory of the Technical University of Catalonia.

Contact info

    • Parc PMT - UPC RDIT Building, C/Esteve Terrades, 1
    • 08860
    • Castelldefels
    • Spain
  • +34934137749

The challenge

Microwave remote sensing systems and techniques have proven to be a valuable tool for assessing a variety of parameters such as structural dynamics, water management, target detection, geology and many others.
The use of these systems has not been extensive despite its clear benefits. This is due to high cost, the expertise required, the difficulty of deployment of some of these systems and the lack of awareness in what they can really offer and solve.
The big challenge is to change this paradigm and make microwave sensing systems common tools in areas that can get clear benefits from them. Balamis, in a first step, is concentrating nowadays in the use of radiometric and optical techniques to obtain high resolution soil moisture maps for precision agriculture .

The solution

Balamis recognizes the issues that lead to poor adoption of microwave remote sensing systems and aims at providing systems that are affordable, easy to use and deploy. Not less important, Balamis, as a systems engineering firm, intends to partner with service providers and other agents present in the value chain to offer the best experience to the end user.