Next-Generation Hybrid Energy Solutions

Founded in 2013 by

  • Oriol Gallemi

  • Alexandra Sineva

  • Rosa Rovira

Incubation period

14-10-2014 to 27-05-2017



Born Positiu provides energy solutions to a wide range of applications, from drones to cities.
We supply a wide range of generators in the range from 500W to 500kW, oriented to hybrid and renewable facilities both to support grid or autonomous microgrids.

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The challenge

Energy is not obiquous and needs transportation. Grid-tied solutions do not offer enough flexibility and sometimes are complex to manage, especially when specific connections have to be made.
By using autonomous microgrids, Born Positiu aims to meet the requirements of movable and portable equipment, providing energy in the most affordable, more sustainable and reliable manner.
In our portfolio, we currently work on generators from 500W to 500kW, covering the widest spectrum of possibilities: drones, antennas, DPC, businesses, households and flash events.
The smallest genset is Max rated at 650W and the hybrid configuration can deliver in excess of 6600W, making the perfect fit for advanced DRONES and autonomous systems
Top of the range portable gensets have a rating of 5.5kW.
The largest (containerized) genset is rated at 550kW, fit for intermittent and backup power, supplementing wind and solar power.

The solution

The concept of hybrid architecture combined with Lithium batteries is derived from the SMART-1 ESA mission.
It was a full-electric mission, performing all transfer manoeuvres from Earth Orbit to the moon in pure electric propulsion.
The space system included more redundancies than our space derived solution, but is based in the same principles, replacing Eclipses by night hours in the energy management algorithms, which can be tailored according to the customer needs (minimum cost, maximum reliability, maximum efficiency, etc)
Born Positiu has gained through the project vast experience and knowledge in high power equipment, batteries (all chemistries) and capacitors (both ELDC and li-based).
We are willing to hear from your energy challenges, let's fix it !