Creating eco-friendly solutions to assure our future needs

Founded in 2014 by

  • José Miguel Bermúdez-Miquel

  • Cristina Aleixendri-Muñoz

  • David Ferrer-Desclaux

Incubation period

15-09-2015 to 15-09-2017

About bound4blue

We cannot envision a future in which the dependence on fossil fuels is still an issue. That is why we have rolled up our sleeves and have started working on solutions that will drive that dependence out of ship transport and, in the future, of the production of hydrogen and oxygen. For years, we have worked on the design of a rigid wingsail technology applicable to both industrial fields.

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The challenge

The maritime transport is in a continuous growing perspective and is facing a double challenge: (i) the global rise in fuel prices ans (ii) the appearance of a tighter environmental legislation on pollution issues [not only about CO2 but also about other pollutants: nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter (PM10)]. Therefore, there is a clear need around new technologies to take advantage of alternative energy to drive the hydrocarbon fuel dependence out of the ship transport.

The solution

bound4blue is now working with two main complementary wingsails designs, for heavy and light applications, focusing on bulk carriers and tankers as the main target.
Our technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions of the maritime transport to capture effective thrust from wind power. It can be highly automated and do not require specialist crew competencies or additional crew numbers. Designed as a fuel assist technology for conventional vessels, bound4blue’s wingsail design allows them to operate at usual speed with reduced engine propulsion.