Innovative remote sensing solutions for the precise monitoring of ground surface.

Founded in 2015 by

  • Javier Duro

Incubation period

15-12-2015 to 15-12-2017


Our mission is providing innovative solutions for the detection and monitoring of ground surface anomalies (e.g. subsidence, ground heave, active slopes, rock falls, land cover and land cover changes, bodies of water) based on Remote Sensing and Earth Observation technologies. We plan to integrate different monitoring services for offering a disruptive solution to industrial, economic and social problems in scientific and commercial frameworks.

Contact info

    • Esteve Terrades, 1, RDIT building, office 118
    • 08860
    • Castelldefels (Barcelona)
    • Spain
  • +34 93137916

The challenge

We provide precise measurements of ground surface anomalies (subsidence, ground heave, active slopes, rock falls, land cover changes, fluid leaks) for a better understanding of the geological process, analysis of the inherent risk and reduce the cost in different civil and industrial activities (ground excavations, oil and gas injection/extraction, construction works, natural hazards). To do so we process very large amount of satellite radar data (mainly SENTINEL-1) with our in-house developed processing software.
Dares’ targeted markets are located in the public sector (space agencies, civil protection agencies, environmental agencies, geological institutes…), the scientific sector (international and national cooperation projects with universities, scientific institutions and other companies) and in the private industrial sectors for mining companies, oil&gas companies, civil engineering companies.

The solution

We process radar satellite data for providing ground surface measurements over remote areas without the need of installing any in-situ devices. Thanks to our flexible processing software we can produce ground surface deformation maps, digital elevation models, ground surface land cover and land cover changes maps for covering different application field.
Our main partner is Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) which under a technology transfer program provides software, hardware and technological support in our developments. We have also agreements with geological institutes and engineering companies for the generation of advanced thematic products that increases the value of our measurements to the final client. In that way, we can translate measurement into risk values for example giving a more accurate map for decision-takers.