Online platform for emotional and behavioral analytics.

Founded in 2015 by

  • Aleix Canals

  • Karim Ennakhli

Incubation period

01-04-2016 to 01-09-2017

About Sekg

Sekg was started to create technology able to adapt to us. We're a team of passionate psychologists, neuroscientists, engineers and artists with need for innovation and change. We're creating a cloud based platform for emotional analytics, a solution for the entertainment industry that uses the biometrics of the users, the context and their behavior to extract patterns that can be translated into actionable data to increase engagement.

Contact info

    • Carrer Consell de Cent, 341, Ppal 1
    • 08007
    • Barcelona
    • Spain
  • +34 635 987 160

The challenge

Identify and classify emotional and behavioral patterns from GNSS and IMUs data.
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The solution

Comming soon... :)
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