Brings Space down to Earth blending technologies to create innovative tools for IoT and Smart Cities

Founded in 2014 by

  • Milena Orlandini

  • Ángela Bedoya

  • Claudia Orlandini

Incubation period

01-09-2015 to 31-08-2017


Digital Fabrication Laboratory specialized in Science and Technology.
We blend technologies, such as Space, Digital Fabrication or 3D video projection, to develop innovative tools for IoT or Smart Cities projects.
As an R&D platform, we work in new materials (graphene, carbon fiber, etc.) for functional additive printing, focused specially on electronics, aerospace parts and microsatellites.

Contact info

    • Parc PMT - UPC RDIT Building, C/Esteve Terrades, 1
    • 08860
    • Castelldefels
    • Spain
  • +34649113292

The challenge

Develop an interactive multi-channel system that simplifies the understanding of big and complex geospatial and 3D data in a unique platform, projecting different channels of digital 3D information on a physical surface in 3D, with great definition, avoiding distortions.
Our main product, GBRS (Geospatial Blended Reality System) is a 3D multichannel platform which combines Space Tech (EO, GNSS, SatCom), Digital Fabrication (3D printing, CNC, Lasers), and 3D projection system, to create a 3D interactive topographic model, which gives a bird's eye view of a specific place and situation in real time.
A useful tool for managing large areas, tracking controls or emergency situations, that require quick responses and work in multidisciplinary teams.

The solution

Simplify geospatial data understanding in a unique platform; users do not need knowledge of complex geoinformatic systems, allowing faster comprehension of the situation.
Facilitate data analysis and interpretation from sophisticated 3D environments.
In addition to monitoring and surveillance applications, GBRS can be used as a preventive tool through video simulations (landslides, floods, fires, etc.), to plan routes for scientific or sports expeditions, etc.
Access to large volume of data in real time, simultaneously from a unique platform.
Facilitates multidisciplinary teamwork with a bird's eye view of a site and situation in real time (planning, training, education, management, etc.).
Use of as many data layers as necessary from different sources.
P3DM (Participative 3D Model): community local area knowledge to better resources use.