Acrai builds autonomous agricultural robots for non-chemical weed removal.

Founded in 2018 by

  • Moritz Mangold

  • Andreas Plieninger

  • Laurenz Altenmüller

Incubation period

15-10-2017 to 14-10-2018

About Acrai

Acrai’s vision involves making agriculture more sustainable and efficient. It builds autonomous robots whose primary aim is to replace the use of chemical weed killers.

Contact info

    • Friedrichshafener Str. 1
    • 82205
    • Gilching
    • Germany
  • +49 17644488646

The challenge

Chemical weed killers present several issues: The development of new selective herbicides has been halted by manufacturers since the costs and risks of development are economically infeasible. Meanwhile, unknown long-term consequences for humans and the environment are leading to ever more stringent legal regulations and bans. The biggest problem for farmers, however, is the increasing occurrence of resistances that render herbicides useless.

The solution

Acrai develops autonomous agricultural robots that employ deep learning based computer vision to detect and localize crops while removing weeds using proven, purely mechanical methods.