agrista GmbH

Cost and risk reduction of investing in emerging economies' agricultural production.

Founded in 2009 by

  • Helmut Drewes

Incubation period

01-12-2009 to 30-11-2011


About agrista GmbH

Agrista's goal is to increase the capital available to farmers for them to raise their agricultural production to address the growing global food crisis.

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The challenge

A technology platform to re-define existing agricultural finance structures.

The solution

The data provided by the farmers is either captured using location technologies such as GPS or digitized from high-resolution satellite imagery, all less than 6 months old to guarantee the accuracy. All farm map data is controlled for positional and descriptive qualities.
The service also allows crop conditions to be monitored objectively using spectral satellite-based sensors. This information is used to control data received from the farmers. It is augmented with weather satellite data for parameters such as rainfall and temperature and derived yield indices. For insurance claims, crop damage assessments can be verified using high-resolution satellite imagery.
Agrista centralizes this data and makes it simultaneously available to multiple parties and is seamlessly integrated into each participant's individual business processes. This not only reduces costs but also creates context to the data, dramatically improving user adoption of the technologies.