avionTek GmbH

avionTek GmbH develops the 3D-PILOT™ navigation product.

Founded in 2011 by

  • Klaus Metzger

Incubation period

01-12-2011 to 30-11-2013


About avionTek GmbH

avionTek GmbH develops the 3D-PILOT™ navigation product, a low-cost cockpit system assisting pilots of General Aviation (GA) to safely land on small and poorly equipped fields, under bad weather and low visibility conditions.

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The challenge

Most accidents during flights under visual flight rules (VFR) in general aviation occur due to the pilot's loss of orientation and resulting loss of control in the landing phase, or a loss of situational awareness that leads to a controlled flight into terrain (CFIT). Therefore, there is a large impending demand for 3D add-on navaids with synthetic vision (SV) and guidance for general aviation pilots to improve the safety of VFR and IFR (instrument flight rules) flights.

The solution

avionTek's 3D-PILOT™ products respond to a number of corresponding needs: pilot demand for safe VFR and IFR flight and landing, as well as demand for safe flying/landing at 2,000-plus European airports in general aviation without ground-based navigational landing aids and 30,000-plus airports worldwide based on precise autonomous 3D navigation.