Cadami GmbH

Optimizing Data Transmission for a Superior Video-on-Demand Experience

Founded in 2015 by

  • Andreas Dotzler

  • Michael Heindlmaier - Thomas Kuehn

  • Maximilian Riemensberger

Incubation period

01-04-2016 to 31-03-2018

About Cadami GmbH

Cadami is a high-tech startup and spin-off from the Technical University of Munich that provides solutions for delivering video on-demand. Its software solution optimizes data transmissions to reduce peak traffic load in both wireless (LTE, WiFi, satellite) and wired (cable networks, LAN) communication systems.

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The challenge

Video consumption on devices with larger screens is increasing data traffic in communication networks. Video currently generates 50% of all mobile data traffic, and this figure is expected to increase to 75% by 2020. This poses challenges to data networks and requires network operators to invest in extensions and upgrades.

The solution

Cadami's technology enables the efficient distribution of individual video-on-demand content to a large number of devices, including tablets, smartphones, airplanes, and set-top boxes.

The company’s standard-compliant solution combines predictive caching with novel quality-of-service mechanisms. It is ideally suited to delivering video on-demand in crowded communication networks with broadcasting characteristics, such as WiFi networks, terrestrial cellular networks (LTE), and satellite and cable networks .

Cadami's software solution smooths peak-hour traffic over time, which increases the feasible lifespan of existing systems and opens the door to massive savings on operational costs and infrastructure investments. End users enjoy a fluid, high-quality video streaming experience.

The product Cadami has developed represents a combination of software and IPR licences. Its corresponding SDK also facilitates easy integration into operators' existing networks and all of the relevant client platforms.