Geocledian GmbH

Global field monitoring service for web applications

Founded in 2013 by

  • Stefan Scherer

Incubation period

15-01-2015 to 14-07-2016


About Geocledian GmbH

geo|cledian is a start-up that specializes in designing and providing geospatial cloud services with a current focus in agriculture. Its core expertise lies in enabling software systems (from mobile applications to enterprise systems) to access geospatial information derived from remote sensing systems. geo|cledian is positioning its flagship offering, ag|knowledge, as a low-cost global field monitoring service for web applications.

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The challenge

Most ICT solutions dealing with agricultural fields would strongly benefit from comprehensive real-time measurements on crop development, crop condition, and farmer activities. However, they lack this information because it is either not available to them or has to be gathered in the field. This is costly and hardly scalable.

The solution

The ag|knowledge service offers a simple and efficient way to use and integrate detailed field monitoring information into any agri-information system. It gathers satellite data and makes the processed results accessible through an API interface. In addition to working globally, ag|knowledge is highly scalable and very cost-effective. It eliminates the time-consuming data procurement process while handling information extraction, data presentation, data consistency, and data continuity.

ag|knowledge thus provides a previously unattainable level of service to ICT application developers. It will enable them to offer new field monitoring services to customers and make their applications more attractive and dynamic, increasing their value in the process.