Geosat Technology AG

Finding Ground Resources via Satellite Data Interpretation Technology

Founded in 2010 by

  • Michael Mumelter

Incubation period

16-01-2012 to 15-01-2014


About Geosat Technology AG

Geosat Technology AG is able to determine the exact location of potential ground resources such as oil and gas, minerals and ores, ground water, and geothermal anomalies. The company does so by combining various optical and radar data interpretation techniques with the integration of existing geological data.

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The challenge


The solution

Michael Mumelter, CEO and founder of Geosat Technology AG, has more than 20 years of experience in remote sensing. He has used his knowledge of space science and applied mathematics to develop algorithms that interpret optical and radar data while integrating existing geological data to locate potential ground resources.
The concept can be applied to finding deposits of oil, gas, minerals, and ores, as well as ground water and geothermal anomalies. Geosat's methodology is unique and has proven successful in practice. Presently, various joint ventures in Africa (Nigeria and Sudan) and Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia) are in the final stages of conclusion. The ESA Business Incubation programme, meanwhile, is providing support in a number of other areas important to entrepreneurs setting up successful technology service companies. This includes management coaching, office space, and putting Geosat Technology AG in contact with private investors and technology grants.