Go11Save AG

Go11Save AG - Reinventing Cargo and Luggage Security

Founded in 2013 by

  • Robert Katschke

Incubation period

01-02-2014 to 31-01-2016


About Go11Save AG

The unique, patented sensor textile Criftex will make it much more difficult to steal containers and their valuable cargo.

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The challenge

Every day, millions of people - including both consumers and companies - are affected by stolen or damaged cargo and luggage.
The resulting losses run into the billions! To adress this problem, go11save AG has reinvented cargo and luggage security.

The solution

The solution is the Cutting Resistant Intelligent Fabrics Textile Criftex.
Criftex PREVENTION is a patented textile knitted from cut-resistant materials. Combined with its sensor structure, it provides an ideal solution for securing valuable cargo containers. When somebody tries to open a cargo container, it also transmits an electronic alarm signal to CriftexSAT.
Along with the attempt itself, these electronic alarms also report the location (pinpointed through GSM/GPRS satellite protocols) to Criftex APP. This information makes it possible to track the incident, including on mobile devices.
The smartphone app continously displays the current location based on Google Maps. In case of damage, an acoustic and visual warning appears on the unser's mobile device.