green spin GmbH

Satellite-based analysis, monitoring and forecasting of agricultural resources

Founded in 2013 by

  • Sebastian Fritsch

  • Clemens Delatrée

  • Gunther Schorch

Incubation period

15-12-2013 to 14-12-2015


About green spin GmbH

green spin offers agriculture-related products and data services designed for all stakeholders in the agricultural industry. Its main focus, however, is on the actual business of farming, where green spin helps customers increase yield while minimizing production costs. The company uses a large amount of data in its decision support systems, much of which concentrates on weather and satellite image information.

Contact info

    • Magdalene-Schoch-Strasse 5
    • 97074
    • Würzburg
    • Germany
  • +49 93146057870

The challenge

Today, a plethora of information is available that can help farming enterprises make better decisions. Most of it, however, is difficult to access or complicated to use.

The solution

green spin is working towards providing a single solution for farmers and the wider agricultural industry that will combine the most relevant data and translate it into applicable advice. The green spin FARM service consists of a suite of single products that will combine to form a decision support system. It will be delivered to customers via a mobile app and a web portal to facilitate precision farming and farm optimization, particularly in the evaluation of field-specific, long-term harvest potential and the zone management of individual fields. green spin FARM will thus help producers cut down on fertilizer and reduce general production costs.
Specifically, green spin's long-term goal is to go beyond the mere delivery of different maps and provide real decision support. This support could come in the form of advice on how much fertilizer to apply to individual fields (and when), when to harvest, and so on.