Greenspider GmbH

Technology for Clean Mobility

Founded in 2013 by

  • Alessandro Cantore

Incubation period

15-07-2012 to 14-07-2013


About Greenspider GmbH

Greenspider develops technology solutions for sustainable mobility, in particular electromobility and vehicle-sharing schemes that meet the needs of citizens and municipalities in reducing urban traffic and CO2 emissions.

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The challenge


The solution

Greenspider's innovative technology consists of a miniaturized and low-consumption device with embedded satellite tracking, machine-to-machine communication, and near-field communication. This facilitates easy interaction between users and their vehicles and innovative services for electric vehicle sharing, such as mobile subscriptions and payment. Greenspider technology facilitates efficient fleet monitoring, user authentication, and access thanks to near-field communication, which is now supported by most high-end smartphones.
Thanks to its advanced performance and high level of integration and miniaturization, the device can be embedded in small electric vehicles. This allows for remote monitoring of many vehicle parameters - such as speed, position, status, battery charge, and alarms - and the deployment of turn-key solutions based on a cloud platform, including web services, geo-referencing, and mobile access and payment.