IRUBIS – We make analytics better and simpler

Founded in 2017 by

  • Alexander Geißler

  • Anja Müller

  • Lorenz Sykora

Incubation period

01-06-2017 to 31-05-2018


IRUBIS is optimizing analytics and improving lives by putting the future of IR spectroscopy into your hands.

Contact info

    • Friedrichshafener Str. 1
    • 82205
    • Gilching
    • Germany
  • +49 1735958045

The challenge

Challenge 1:

While biopharmaceuticals are on the rise, characterizing proteins in a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way remains a challenge in drug development. IR spectroscopy is a suitable tool for analyzing proteins, but it is not capable of a high sample throughput. Here, IRUBIS has achieved a breakthrough using a low-cost silicon sample carrier that is integrated into standardized well plates.


Challenge 2:

More than 15 research groups are working on the use of IR spectroscopy for blood testing because it is fast, cheap, and requires just one drop of blood. The only thing needed to successfully transfer this technology into clinics is a disposable sample carrier.

IRUBIS’s innovative silicon sample carrier is disposable, highly sensitive, and capable of eliminating the need for sample preparation.

The solution

The way in which IRUBIS integrates a low-cost silicon sample carrier into well plates has made high-throughput ATR IR spectroscopy possible for the first time. The potential areas of application include drug development, where protein analysis can be conducted faster and more cheaply. In developing this solution, IRUBIS cooperated with pilot customers from academia and innovative clinical research organizations.


In the field of biofluid analysis, IRUBIS provides research groups and R&D companies with cost-efficient ATR sample carriers. Disposable carriers like these are a core element of transferring IR spectroscopy into clinics.