Isar Aerospace Technologies

Boosting the New Space Age

Founded in 2018 by

  • Josef Fleischmann

  • Markus Brandl

  • Daniel Metzler

Incubation period

15-11-2017 to 14-11-2019

About Isar Aerospace Technologies

Space exploration and development requires an economically viable approach to ensure sustainable industry growth. Focusing on cheaper and faster access to space, Isar Aerospace provides mission-critical components to boost the development of small launch vehicles.

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The challenge

Rocket engines and other launcher systems are costly due not only to the technically challenging development involved, but also to the fact that they can only be used once on a specific vehicle. The growing microlauncher market, which aims to bring small satellites weighing 200kg or less into space, enables the use of similar technology on different vehicles. Here, commercial off-the-shelf products are helping to drastically lower costs and ensure high quality, accelerating access to space in the process.

The solution

Isar Aerospace aims to develop, certify, and distribute launcher components by focusing on single systems. The rocket engines currently under development at the company provide a financially attractive and environmentally friendly solution for propelling both small launchers and upper stage vehicles.

Meanwhile, Isar Aerospace’s industry partners are enabling it to rely to a large extent on high-quality 3D printing for critical engine parts, which is opening the door to fast development cycles and components tailored to its customers’ requirements.