KEWAZO is developing a smart robotic solution for the scaffolding assembly process.

Founded in 2018 by

  • Ekaterina Grib

  • Alimzhan Rakhmatulin

  • Sebastian Weitzel

Incubation period

01-11-2017 to 31-10-2019


Providing digital assistance to humans across multiple construction sites worldwide through a new generation of smart construction lifts

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The challenge

The scaffolding assembly industry is facing severe problems. It has a poor safety record – more than 6,000 accidents occur per year in Germany alone – and the younger generations in developed countries are not interested in this field. The process of assembling scaffolding itself is also inefficient, with 80% of assembly time being spent on on-site logistics. In fact, inefficient logistics during assembly and manual horizontal transportation is one of the main reasons for these problems. Existing assembly solutions and techniques are time-consuming and inflexible.

In 2015 the on-site logistics market for scaffolding assembly accounted for €1 billion in Germany alone, and more than €20 billion worldwide. The primary market focus of KEWAZO is Germany (which boasts an annual market growth of 2.5%), and its primary target segment is midsize and larger German scaffolding assembly companies (those with €500,000-5 million in turnover). In its initial entry, KEWAZO aims to capture €414 million of the market. Its future direct growth perspectives include the western European market (€7 billion).

The solution

KEWAZO offers a smart robotic system that transports scaffolding parts in a safe, flexible, and cost-efficient manner during assembly. It addresses the most acute problems customers face:

- Costs: Automated assembly makes it possible to save at least 33% of labor costs. Only two workers are required for the assembly process (instead of a minimum of three).

- Understaffing: Smart assembly requires fewer workers and decreases physical strain, which makes scaffolding assembly more attractive as an occupation.

- Speed: Assembly is up to 42% faster thanks to horizontal transportation.

- Safety: KEWAZO automates dangerous logistics activities to help prevent accidents.

- Real-time data: Live information on the scaffolding assembly process (materials, people, process) will allow for better control and improved project planning.

KEWAZO is supported by two R&D partners: Teupe GmbH and Infineon Technologies.