Precision tracking and monitoring solutions for sports and healthcare

Founded in 2012 by

  • Oliver Dr. Trinchera

Incubation period

15-01-2013 to 14-07-2014



Kinexon offers highly precise, smart, and affordable monitoring solutions for athletes and health- conscious individuals who want to measure, analyze, and improve their performance.
With Through our innovative solutions, we are dedicated to helping clubs, athletes, and health-conscious individuals of all performance classes to realize their full potential.

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The challenge

The founders of Kinexon – passionate sportsmen with backgrounds in business and engineering – realized that current athlete-monitoring solutions based on GPS or inertial measurements do not adequately reflect the needs of customers. The reason: Besides being quite expensive and difficult to use, these systems are also associated with inaccurate position data. As a consequence, the resulting statistics are also inaccurate. In an industry where every single percent of performance improvement counts, inaccuracy is not an option.

The solution

Kinexon follows the maxim of delighting its customers with smart and value-adding solutions that are not only precise and easy to use, but also affordable for the mass market. One fundamental step in achieving this goal was the development of a small motion sensor with an intelligent localization engine that incorporates the latest advances in space technology.
Besides being used in sports and healthcare, our solutions have the potential to be used in a variety of additional fields, such as safety or logistics.