klarx GmbH

Evolving the way builders rent construction equipment

Founded in 2009 by

  • Florian Handschuh

  • Matthias Handschuh

  • Vincent Koch

Incubation period

01-07-2016 to 30-06-2018

About klarx GmbH

klarx wants to evolve the way in which builders rent construction equipment. By offering a broad assortment of machines combined with GPS tracking technology, we want to be the number-one application for renting and tracking construction equipment.

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The challenge

Construction companies are looking for a way to rent and track construction equipment. With the klarx application we can facilitate the process the find the right equipment nearby. Customers and suppliers lack information on when a machine will arrive at the construction site and when it needs to return to the rental station. This information is essential: Just as builders have to prepare the construction site for delivery, suppliers also have to prepare the depot for the returning machine (cleaning, refuelling, etc).

The solution

klarx is evolving the way in which builders rent construction equipment. Builders can open the klarx application and mark or track the location of their construction site before choosing the machine they need. klarx uses geo-data to determine which machine and rental station is the closest available in order to get the best deal on the rental, insurance, and delivery costs. Via GPS tracking, it can find the closest logistician who can pick up and deliver the machine. The logistician checks in the app as soon as the machine is loaded. With the klarx algorithm, we can predict the time of delivery to the construction site and give builders a live update on the arrival time. Through the klarx application, builders have access to 100,000 machines available for delivery at the highest speed and optimal trackability.