LIV tec GmbH

LIV tec GmbH - Your reliable partner in positioning indoor and outdoor

Founded in 2013 by

  • Peer Kohlstetter

Incubation period

15-12-2013 to 14-12-2015


About LIV tec GmbH

The LIV tec GmbH develops software that make positioning technologies applicable in different industries.

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The challenge

Our aim: highest customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty through top quality.

The solution

The combination of different positioning solutions, like GPS, RFID and Wifi, and the flexibility of data interfaces to different customer applications are the strength of LIV tec.
Our software products:

  • LIV Integration Platform

The LIV Integration Platform is a very flexible solution to collect information from different positioning technologies.

  • LIV App

The LIV App gives development partners the chance to integrate positioning and navigation easy into their produts to improve their functions based on positioning informations.

  • LIV loan worker system

The LIV loan worker system tracks a person and creates an alarm if this person is in danger.