Match-app is the personalized travel guide for the event journey of its users

Founded in 2014 by

  • Göbler David

  • Hessler Julian

Incubation period

31-12-2016 to 30-12-2018

About Match-App

At Match-app we create user-friendly and enjoyable software and services for organizers of small to medium sized events (200 to up to 5.000 attendees) who then offer our applications to their event's audience for free. Our main objective is to help event attendees in successfully navigating the event and getting the most out of their visit. With matchmaking by Match-app, we bring a new level of personalization and efficient event-management to all stakeholders! 

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The challenge

Our apps and services include creating a user profile for interacting with other attendees and exhibitors or speakers, exchanging information such as messages and arrange meetings, visit social network profiles or determine favorites. To further enhance the user experience, we are currently developing a new application that helps attendees to find other interesting people and exhibitors: based on elements such as the user's interests and experience we assist in finding exciting people to talk to at a particular event (such as a trade fair or a scientific congress) by providing a list of interesting matches. 
The huge challenge is to provide a cost-effective solution which works on one hand accurately but on the other hand in different contexts, i.e. inside a venue hall and outside on the venue area.

The solution

By making use of the LinkedIn & XING profile data we can significantly speed up the profile creation for our users and provide an enhanced user experience as a large part of the profile data does not need to be entered manually anymore. Also, by adding a reference to the user's social network page to the user profile we can help people to connect to each other easily on both LinkedIn and XING and stay in contact there - beyond the borders of our application's ecosystem.
Within all our software, our main objective is to connect people in a meaningful and efficient way.
Our technology is moreover based on the initial research funded by DLR’s European Satellite Project (Galileo) to find mapping and navigation solutions for spaces not reachable by Galileo signals. This is basically secured by using iBeacons to perform a logical mapping, e.g. inside of venue halls.