mobalo GmbH

We believe that companies of any size should be able to do relevant & modern advertising that works

Founded in 2013 by

  • Tom Rauhe

  • Manfred Kuhn

Incubation period

01-02-2014 to 31-07-2015


About mobalo GmbH

We are devising a platform where every business that has some sort of local relevance with their product or target group can devise their own text-based advertisement. The ads are displayed on mobile devices in a certain radius around the point of sales / interest in APPs and mobile websites they are already using every day. We determine the users' location by using various forms of localization provided in the ads that show up in real-time-bidding platforms where we buy the ads.

Contact info

The challenge

When you look at small businesses, you have to wonder why they are still using 500-year-old technology if they are doing advertising. They have to print flyers or put big signs out there, expecting people to walk by.
Thanks to the background of Tom Rauhe as online sales manager, he found that you can buy localized mobile banner in an automated way. All that was missing was a platform to give small businesses access to the relevant mobile banner inventory for them. That's how the idea of mobalo was born. mobalo is digital bait.

The solution

USPs include:

  • low starting budget
  • cheap compared to offline advertisement regarding cost per mille (CPM)
  • easy to use without any knowledge of marketing required
  • guaranteed delivery of the advertisements in the viewing window of the customer (contrary to other advertisements)
  • proactive advertising (not based on search traffic)
  • only company that combines this sort of product and target group
  • total control over budget, content, time of delivery
  • adaptable on-the-fly at every moment to fit to current needs like special deals
  • transparent reporting of what happened with the advertising (clicks, impressions)
  • reaching a financially solvent target group (targeting only smartphone and tablet users)
  • simply by using this modern form of relevant advertising, companies position themselves as being innovative