Personal GPS Solutions GmbH – Let°s Geo

LET°S GEO – Location-Based Gaming and GPS Navigation for Sport, Outdoors, and Tourism

Founded in 2012 by

  • Jochen Maier

Incubation period

01-10-2014 to 31-03-2016


About Personal GPS Solutions GmbH – Let°s Geo

The team of Personal GPS Solutions has a strong passion for outdoor activities, maps, and modern navigation technologies. The focus of their work is LET°S GEO, an outstanding app for smartphones, which is serving the tourism sector with a platform for interactive, location-based gaming in connected environments. The company also addresses the event and incentive sector with GPS rallies and geocaching events and offers a wide spectrum of mapping services and geodata visualization.

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The challenge

LET°S GEO tackles the human play instinct and motivates through the change of winning real prices. Combined with a high level of infotainment, LET°S GEO shows a high potential to pimp up regional touristic offers in a modern, interactive way. Beside this, LET°S GEO can link destinations and will bring together touristic stakeholder and LET°S GEO players on a personal level to share their impressions. Initially LET°S GEO games were only available in South-East Bavaria. In 2015 we managed to serve a number of touristic key destinations in Germany and Austria with Games. No we are in search of cooperating agencies to distribute games in Germany and neighboring countries. 

The solution

LET°S GEO’s potential customers include touristic regions and related institutions that constantly need to provide their guests and clients with fresh ideas and attractions. With LET°S GEO, they can invite their guests to explore their region in a fun, informative way while gaining clients’ loyalty and additional investments in an active context.
The app itself is free to download. It is used collectively by all LET°S GEO customers; the content is visible and applicable for all LET°S GEO users. It is thus a powerful tool for viral marketing and creates a win-win situation for all those involved. The company’s business idea is to sell the B2B service of creating individual games and content for the app incorporates both high-quality content and flexibility at an affordable price. Through intelligent network marketing, LET°S GEO has great potential to go viral and serve a number of cross-marketing purposes.