Portabiles HealthCare Technologies GmbH

eGaIT – clinical grade gait analysis for tele-healthcare

Founded in 2017 by

  • Ralph Steidl

Incubation period

15-12-2016 to 14-12-2018

About Portabiles HealthCare Technologies GmbH

Portabiles HealthCare Technology produces a sensor-based analysis System that:
- supports physicians in optimizing their therapy on patients with movement disorders
- delivers objective outcome for pharmaceutical companies testing new drugs in clinical trails
- reduces risk of falling by detecting critical worsening of the gait quality of elderly people

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The challenge

Worsening of gait (of how patients walk) is a critical symptom in many chronic diseases, like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthrosis, geriatric diseases, cardiac diseases and others. Objective measurement of the gait allows individualized treatment of chronic diseases, prove the effect of a new drug therapy and prevent falls by continuously monitoring changes in the quality of gait.


The solution

With sensors that are integrated into shoes, information on the patient's gait is collected continuously. The data is transferred via an IT Infrastructure and gait parameters as well as disease specific scores are calculated and displayed to the therapist. Depending on the changes in the gait parameters throughout the therapy, the therapist can adjust the medication based upon objective data.
Monitoring the patient's steps is only valuable, if information about the circumstances of the step is available. With Galileo GNSS we will gather positioning information and environmental meta data like uphill or downhill walking, the gradient, pavement or graval road, etc.. After acquiring the meta data, the position information will be discarded for data privacy reasons.