progenoX GmbH

progenoX is a solution provider for forces of the search, rescue and safety services.

Founded in 2011 by

  • Frank Woodcock

Incubation period

01-02-2012 to 31-07-2013


About progenoX GmbH

progenoX is an innovative system house providing solutions for homeland security and defence.
As a SME and supplier for highly reliable application support systems of fire brigades, police, technical relief organisations and rescue services, we ordered an extensive market analysis. The subject was: „Application support by robots and software at authorities and organisations with security duties“.

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The challenge

Within our fields of products we deliver customer-oriented solutions for Robotics (UGVs, UAVs), information and communication technology, localisation, navigation and identification, supply and support, product lifecycle management, training, and simulation.
Robotics - progenoX provides different sizes of modular, unmanned systems based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components,  which have been optimised and adapted to the needs of homeland security forces (blue light forces).
This approach makes progenoX’s unmanned systems affordable and available. Thanks to their modular design, they can be easily adapted to the needs of the user or the mission. The user benefits from a ready-to-use, modular system, which can be integrated with other systems.  New sensors and participants can easily be integrated at any stage of the lifecycle, so the system can be customised to any task or service.

The solution

Information, communication, localisation, navigationn - icosX is a mobile, highly energy-efficient device equipped with GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi, and typical interfaces. It has integrated sensors for acceleration, temperature, and humidity, and comes with a compass and the ability to integrate other sensors. Established Sensors which only have the function of recording concentration values of gases e.g. can now add geo-referenced data and report it directly to the control centre via radio. RMS rescue provides location-based information in the right format when it is needed. Fire fighters e.g. find all the routing and location information they need.  Restrictions of headroom, the position of fire hydrants, locations for turntable ladder trucks, etc. are all displayed in RMS rescue. The integrated control centre sends mission-relevant data which is made available to fire fighters at RMS rescue in real time. This is to ensure optimum preparation for fire fighters from as early o