reFit Systems

We Digitize Therapy Processes

Founded in 2018 by

  • Valentin Koller

  • Alejandro Mendoza García

Incubation period

01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018

About reFit Systems

reFit Systems wants to bring rehabilitation to the next level. By combining modern software technology, motivational video games, and cutting-edge monitoring and analysis tools, we are developing a modular platform for the rehabilitation of patients with movement disorders.

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The challenge

Children with impaired motor development require medical assessments to test their coordination and balance at regular intervals. Moreover, they need continuous exercise to maintain and improve their trunk stability and motor control as they grow. Enduring motivation is a key factor in such therapy, but pain, the lack of regular supervision, and slow progress can be discouraging. Furthermore, there are no defined standards for the time-consuming assessments and evaluations therapists are to provide on patients’ progress. Documentation is mostly done by hand on paper. These problems exist in clinics, but are compounded in home therapy, where specialized supervision is often not available.

The solution

Therapists use our software tools to define therapy requirements, monitor patient progress, and access medical analysis. Patients are motivated to do their individual exercises by entertaining, motion-based video games that train core strength, balance, and coordination skills. The controls of the games are defined by each patient’s individual therapy plan. At the same time, the reFit Gamo system monitors movements via biofeedback algorithms and stores relevant information in a secure cloud for analysis and visualization.