ZIPPERMAST - development, production and integration of sophisticated and innovative telescopic mast

Founded in 2014 by

  • Frank Woodcock

Incubation period

15-05-2014 to 14-05-2016



ZIPPERMAST, the company to supply the market of emergency services, security & safety-critical industry by the lightweight, highly robust and reliable mast system ZIPPERMAST (including technology adopted from the US inventor).
ZIPPERMAST’s product offerings for enhancing mission effectiveness and fielding equipment solutions are focused on maximising human performance and safety.

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The challenge

The ZIPPERMAST was developed for users from the area of “Rescue and Emergency Services” (RES). The system fulfils the demands for reliability under hardest conditions, it offers innovative modularity and is configurable: All expectations in case of supply are fulfilled.
The key to its success thus far has been its unique characteristics, easy integration, great design, affordability, corresponding support in the field and outstanding reliability.
An extended height range benefits nearly all sensor applications in terms of their ability to collect a better quantity or quality of data.

The solution

ZIPPERMAST’s main product is a mast for situational awareness whose low weight and dimensions in ratio to its high range (principally from 1.5 to 15 meters) addresses the mast marketplace for mobile solutions and robotics, as well as the emergency services and secondary commercial markets. 
The company’s objective is to continue its development of ZIPPERMAST utilising advanced technologies from space. This will extend its functionality and make it more silent and lightweight, which will enable ZIPPERMAST to access more market segments than can be reached with today’s design.
ZIPPERMAST now seeks to continue the mast’s development to achieve a wide range of GNNS and integration functionality for sensors. Once implemented for example, a standard gas sensor that only measures gas concentrations will enable the mast to provide gas value data in addition to information on height, position and humidity.