BattSwap DE GmbH

We make electric cars affordable with all-day-long operation without waiting

Founded in 2016 by

  • Radek Janku

Incubation period

01-08-2016 to 31-07-2018

About BattSwap DE GmbH

BattSwap introduces brand new way of energy transfer between the energy grid and electric vehicle. Instead of charging, we change the whole battery. Disruptive process with BattSwap is fully automatic and takes just 30 seconds, at a station, which is 10times cheaper than Supercharger Tesla. No more waiting when charging, no more searching for free charger, no more expensive infrastructure costs. The BattSwap is here.

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The challenge

The trend of shared mobility services led by UBER pushed established car producers like VW and energy companies into massive change. By the way, IT giants like Apple do not want to lose this race as well. Billions of dollars are involved, but no one solves the Achilles heel of the whole ecosystem: instant energy transfer that provides continues 24/7 operation, the key stone of on-demand mobility. The only way how to make it happen is affordable battery swapping with BattSwap.

The solution

BattSwap designed, tested and patented an appropriate solution. Portable PLUG-N-GO station is extremely compact and ready to serve 100+ cars during one day. Smart battery storage is modular and flexible to increase the capacity in case of higher demand. Fast and safe procedure is controlled with array of sensors and special BattSwap programming. The complex BattSwap network accommodates Internet, GPS and on-line communication to become part of Smart City structure. BattSwap battery unit adopts regular 3rd party battery cells on the market. BattSwap requires special battery housing which is fixed in the car body. It replaces the central tunnel of the car and is easy to insert without significant car changes, the production cost stays at the same level. BattSwap Station network creates a huge power storage especially for excess power generation from renewables and offers reverse flow on demand. BattSwap is a complex solution. It enables effective power flow and Smart Grid operation.