benjamin GmbH

Benjamin provides a brand new technology in the logistics industry.

Founded in 2010 by

  • Lars Bergmann

Incubation period

01-05-2010 to 30-05-2016


About benjamin GmbH

In the future, there will be a need for scalable structures and a waiving of new facilities and infrastructure. When investment decisions are made, the most important criteria are material flows, processes and whether the structures in place have the abilities to be adaptive, dynamic, parallel and intelligent. In addition, they need the skills to react automatically to all demands.

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The challenge

A new manufacturing and material handling technology is required to create process-oriented material flows and production with a high capability and, more importantly, flexibility. Today's production and material flow systems are variable but they are all still very rigid in terms of structuring and sequencing processes. There is a strong need in companies for concepts that can quickly change their processes in structure and work schedules.

benjamin GmbH has developed such a unique innovation – fluid Logistics – as the one and only platform technology worldwide which fulfills all of the needs referred to above.

The solution

The technology of fluid logistics moves, detects and processes a high number of different objects and varying processes in a coordinated way. Simultaneous requests, adaptive layouts, complex real-time requirements, comprehensive platform network systems, algorithmic optimization of material flows and physical interactions of machinery, logistics units and men require a stable and completely safe software close to artificial intelligence. To transpose these requirements, benjamin requests the support of the ESA.

The cross-industry software platform for the fluid Logistic technology is a solution for a highly qualified software design (Result: Software Requirement Document) and requires a professional supervision and review of the development (Result: Software Requirements Review SWRR).