CargoSteps GmbH & Co. KG

Real-time Track & Trace solution for a standardized communication process across multiple companies.

Founded in 2016 by

  • Murat Karakaya

  • Tom Anyz

  • Rachid Touzani - Moritz Jäger

Incubation period

01-08-2016 to 31-07-2017

About CargoSteps GmbH & Co. KG

CargoSteps is the first worldwide working real-time track and trace software that allows different logistics companies of every size to easily work together. A standardized communication process across multiple logistic companies can be implemented. CargoSteps optimizes processes and the communication in logistics, but also creates information transparency and ensures data security.

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The challenge

Customers always want to know where their freight is. 
Each sending involves multiple companies: customer, freight forwarders, transportation companies, drivers/couriers, airlines, recipient. Customers call the freight forwarders for status updates, who then call the transportation companies and so on... This way of information flow up and down the chain consumes a lot of time and causes a huge overhead in the back offices.

The solution

CargoSteps is the first solution that establishes a standardized communication process across 
multiple logistics companies of every size. Couriers use a mobile app to provide status updates and to transmit the location of the package in real-time via GPS. Each sending has a unique Tracking-ID and a corresponding Tracking Web-Page, that shows the status of the sending in real-time. All parties involved, including the customer, receive real-time status updates by email and always know the location of the freight because of the GPS signal on the Tracking-Page. The information flow changes from calling the chain up and down to the couriers sending the status updates and their position to all parties involved at the same time in real-time.