Datarella GmbH

Datarella GmbH is a Munich-based provider of technology and consulting for data driven business.

Founded in 2013 by

  • Joerg Blumtritt

  • Michael Reuter

  • Kira & Yuki Nezu

Incubation period

15-04-2013 to 14-04-2014


About Datarella GmbH

The company provides technology, consulting and implementation to collect, host, manage and analyze data. It supports its customers in understanding data and in developing and implementing data driven products, especially in the fields of IoT and the blockchain.

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The challenge

The IoT provides one of the greatest challenges in technology: neither the things - i.e. hardware - are secure, nor the communication between the things. Datarella aims to develop a platform which guarantees the creation of secure IoT networks supported by the blockchain and other cryptographic protocols and tools.

The solution

To be updated