deeliva UG

Instant local delivery

Founded in 2015 by

  • Florian Tolkmitt

Incubation period

01-02-2015 to 31-08-2016

About deeliva UG

The need: There are many public areas where people sit and relax without any kind of service such as beverages or food.

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The challenge

The solution: deeliva is a marketplace for local deliveries. It connects users in need with local providers. Users may order products spontaneously from anywhere and are located via GNSS.

Each user is matched with a suitable provider based on distance, who is then guided during the delivery.

The revenue: The platform is free for end users. Providers offer their products including the delivery and are charged 10-20% of each transaction performed via the platform.

The solution

deeliva UG is hosted at ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Darmstadt, run by the German company cesah. This has provided the opportunity to consult ESA experts who have supported with technology insights and ideas to improve the system.

In addition, especially the support provided by cesah in relation to general business activities has been very helpful.