Familonet GmbH

FAMILO is a free application for iOS and Android.

Founded in 2015 by

  • Michael Asshauer

  • Hauke Windmüller

  • David Nellessen

Incubation period

01-11-2015 to 28-02-2017

About Familonet GmbH

The app lets you create individual groups, through which you can connect with your family, friends or coworkers. It forms a smart community which offers features like secure location sharing, messaging and a panic button in a case of emergency.

Contact info

The challenge

Familonet cares about the most important network in your life. Your family. The challenge Familonet wants to solve is all about the question: ‘Where are you right know?’. We answer this question very intelligently and contextually right in the moment it is asked, totally automated. So no one will ever forget to notify their family members about running late or working longer than usual.

The solution

The Familonet smartphone app solves this problem with the help of its own in-house developed geofencing technology. Family members get checked in and out automatically when they arrive and leave their daily places. Other family member can subscribe to the notifications and will get notified. Further than that, Familonet offers an panic alert button which is especially designed for families with children or elderly people. In case the button is hit, the others will be notified where you are and that you are in trouble. Familonet also includes a secure messenger to share pictures and texts securely.