flinc GmbH

flinc is the first Dynamic Ridesharing service Application

Founded in 2010 by

  • Klaus Dibbern

  • Benjamin Kirschner

  • Michael Hübl

Incubation period

15-07-2010 to 14-07-2011


About flinc GmbH

flinc AG was founded in May 2010, based on a concept and a prototype developed at Hochschule Darmstadt. A technology test with > 4.000 users has been conducted successfully from April to June 2011. Release 1.0 has been launched nationwide in Germany in July 2011. Media coverage was overwhelming, and within three weeks the number of registered users grew five-fold.

Contact info

    • Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 6
    • 64295
    • Darmstadt
    • Germany
  • +49615139212362

The challenge

flinc is the first Dynamic Ridesharing service that connects smartphones and internet-enabled satellite navigation systems with social communities. Through a real-time analysis of traffic movements, flinc is able to arrange seats in cars within a few seconds. It combines GPS and location-based capabilities with social networking to offer a dynamic, safe and automated service that gets you from A to B.

The solution

With flinc, drivers can reduce their mobility costs drastically with a minimum of effort. It only takes one click to start using flinc - to see friends, go shopping or commuting. The integration in navigation software enables the driver to navigate directly to the passenger without a telephone call or text message. For flinc-riders, a mobile phone changes into a real alternative to the privately owned vehicle. Pre-planned or in real-time, flinc can establish a ride and can take passengers from any location (including their front door) to the destination of their choice.