IP-Wetter e.K.

IP-Wetter is a start-up for Web-Gis based weather communication and data processing: GeoWeather.

Founded in 2012 by

  • Regina Stöber-Yurdakul

Incubation period

01-07-2009 to 30-06-2011


About IP-Wetter e.K.

We are the weather communication experts. We developed GeoWeather which makes the difference in weather communication.

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The challenge

There is a gap between the high precision of numerical weather forecasts , which are developed at National Weatherservices and the; communication; style and postprocessing technology. Internet technologies are only used superficially, without capitalising the possibilities of new Web-Gis and mobile technologies Highly accurate predictions are developed every day in the weather services with an immense effort, Numerical weather prediction forecast data have today a resolution up to 1,5 km but do not reach the user, because these are communicated in traditional forms of representation. Weather symbols reduce the complex calculated fields of numerical weather predictions to points without any spatial extend. It makes no sense to mark your position on the map, and put a weather symbols beside it. In reality the weather exists as fields. Weathersymbols do not visualise this reality; and have only a symbolic meaning.

The solution

In GeoWeather all is Geo. All elements are featured with geocoordinates, starting with the position of the user, the moving weather fields, coming up to his position, till weather data, generated by mobile sources. This and the fact, that Geoweather is totally based on new web-gis and mobile technologies makes the difference to all other weather providers, which are attached to traditional styles and procedures, not only in visualisation but also in data processing. The result is a quantum jump in precision and processing speed. A huge amount of information is clearly represented in one display for an easy and fast access.

GeoWeather USP
Unlimited, worldwide,spatial zoom for all forecast periods : Nowcast  and forecast,
for all weather parameters, wind, temperature, clouds, precipitation not only for radar,
Zoom in the time dimension,
Easy navigation through all kinds of time intervals