MAVinci GmbH

MAVinci specialises in the development of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology.

Founded in 2009 by

  • Johanna Claussen

  • Cornelius Claussen

  • Marco Möller

Incubation period

15-06-2009 to 14-06-2011


About MAVinci GmbH

MAVinci specialises in the development of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology, designed specifically for automated mapping of construction sites, pipelines, disaster areas, mines and quarries.

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The challenge

At a time when kites and blimps were used to generate aerial imagery, MAVinci started to develop a method for a quicker and more flexible documentation. Both mentioned aircraft are very hard to control and extremely weather dependent and only able to cover small areas. Therefore, survey or mapping tasks are processes usually realized by expensive and inflexible manned aircraft or by ground based methods, which are slow and occasionally dangerous, since they are based on a GPS sensor carried by foot. MAVincis approach was different and offered a fast and weather independent solution for this kind of documentation. The idea was an unmanned plane equipped with a camera and controlled by an autopilot system, capable of documenting large areas. Therefore it was necessary to have a software-framework for planning missions and gain information of the aircraft.

The solution

The solution is a system consisting of the SIRIUS Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), combined with a software framework. The SIRIUS is a fixed wing drone with a wingspan of 1.6m, driven by a powerful electric engine, capable of up to 50 minutes of flight time. The software is supporting the user in the planning of the flights by computing routes automatically by the parameters of the user and checking if there are any problems either with the flight or with the expected results. The software even offers a very simple way for the postprocessing of the data, resulting in a complete dataset directly applicable by the customer. The system is nowadays the head of the market in surveying drones. Another part of the solution was the broad acquisition of customers all over the world. The distribution network makes the system available in almost every country.