Mobile Life

Leben in Bewegung

Founded in 2009 by

  • André Teske

Incubation period

10-11-2009 to 09-11-2010


About Mobile Life

mobile life is an industry proven, agile provider of mobile, long lasting, ultra low power monitoring systems and services. We supply positioning and wireless sensor dialogs/- fusion/- telemetric solutions in conjunction with an universal GNSS portal, cell phone and alarm system according to customer needs. Our monitoring solutions aim for humans, autonomous machinery monitoring, construction equipment, logistics, lorries, fright and security applications.

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The challenge

We offer several products such as mapabox, the multi sensor solution with CAN-Interface and printing, faxing and phone capabilities. For positioning of workforce, children and older people, we provide autonomous systems with mapafon and for pets a smaller setup without speech interface in mapapet. Intelligent public transport and bicycle integration for an integrated urban mobility is provided through mapabike. The ESA-sponsored intelligent clothing project mapacare is in pre-production stage and will be on the market soon. Personal conditions, position and movements are integrated in intelligent underwear. The application area is within sport as well as disease management – targeted for the demographic change, nursing home, ambient assisted living and hospital.

The solution

mobile life is hosted at ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Darmstadt, run by the German company cesah. This has provided the opportunity to consult ESA experts who have supported with technology insights and ideas to improve the system.

In addition, especially the support provided by cesah in relation to general business activities has been very helpful.