Pax Animi GmbH

enterprise grade products and services for connected future

Founded in 2015 by

  • Zuko Bronja

Incubation period

07-08-2015 to 06-08-2017

About Pax Animi GmbH

PaxAnimi GmbH is a Start-Up company founded and established in 2014 with headquarter in Darmstadt, Germany. Despite being formally registered as a legal business entity only in 2015. Background activities in research, design, development and promotion has begun since 2012. PaxAnimi in Latin language means Peace of Mind.

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The challenge

We are witnessing 3rd wave of internet evolution. Several well-known research entities had forecasted tremendous growth in the IoT arena. This forecast translates to new opportunities, some of which will create a great impact on society and economy. Many new business models that could alter the basis of competition arise as a result of this growth.

The solution

PaxAnimi takes the challenge of materializing these new opportunities with a platform-based business model and have implemented PaxAnimi Platform. As a platform provider, PaxAnimi builds ecosystems around our core business. Our ecosystem members can use PaxAnimi Platform to create innovative services for our providers and end-user customers. PaxAnimi also targets the corporate market giving them opportunity to build their ecosystem around PaxAnimi Platform, which also provides the enterprises access to other ecosystems that are built around PaxAnimi Platform. In the 4th quarter of 2016, PaxAnimi will launch PaxHive, our amazing ecosystem of devices and apps for intelligent lifestyle, focusing on consumer market.