Punchbyte e.K.

The company 'Punchbyte' develops software for public administration and industrial customers.

Founded in 2007 by

  • Patrick Kempf

Incubation period

01-11-2007 to 01-11-2009


About Punchbyte e.K.

The main focus is on software systems for control, maintenance and quality management.
The unique features of these solutions are software that runs on standard laptops or PDAs software that is easy to use, without computer literacy data that can be synchronized between different devices and via the internet. Every user can have access to the latest data at any time, in the office as well as on mobile devices.

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The challenge

The Punchbyte g-diag system is a satellite based navigation software system which helps in the activity to inspect and maintain parts of buildings, bridges, industrial and chemical plants, playgrounds equipment which are technically complex and need regular maintenance and inspection.
Typical installations and objects for regular maintenance where g-diag can support include

  • trees or playground control
  • maintenance of road lighting and traffic engineering,                
  • bridges and other traffic constructions
  • inspection of buildings, facilities and industrial plants
  • waste management sites (sewages, rain storage basins, water reservoirs
  • industry sites (production facilities)
  • pipeline networks

The solution

The g-diag system builds on satellite-based navigation technology. Satellite positioning services such as tracking and tracing of work steps will soon become a namable economic factor.
Currently g-diag is in a prototype phase with several aspects still to be completed and refined. The system initially makes use of the GPS signal for outdoor use and of barcodes and RFID-transponders for indoor use. An integration of the Galileo signal into g-diag will improve its accuracy and will generate new applications and customers.