Playfully learn and retain learning content in competition with other learners.

Founded in 2016 by

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Zinnen

  • Prof. Dr. Eicke Godehardt

  • Dr. Robert Lokaiczyk

Incubation period

26-09-2016 to 30-09-2017


Unobtrusive monitoring of progress, provision of an appropriate feedback, and an adequate preparation of theoretical educational material are important aspects of the teaching process.

Contact info

The challenge

The three founders of SMARTEDUCATION UG – Robert Lokaiczyk, Eicke Godehardt, and Andreas Zinnen – develop a Context-Aware Interactive Learning Environment (ILE). The ILE interactively presents learning material and presents a certain amount of feedback to improve students’ learning success. To this end, learning content must be brought into the appropriate form. Learning material is planned to be presented as interactive applications, depending on the student’s context, supported by gamification elements, and continuous feedback about the performance and progress using on-the-spot quizzes.

The solution

The way in which students access and work with course material is steadily changing due to technological advances. Portable devices (Smartphones, Tablets) have become ubiquitous and several studies have shown how the learning process can be made mobile and more interactive. Our App aims at improving the learning process of students by providing more timely and accurate feedback on performance and progress. Smartphones are particularly suitable to give access to learning content anywhere and anytime. The ILE will thus present selected learning material (for instance tutorials, quizzes, and context-relevant feedback) in a ubiquitous and mobile setting, driven in part by the extensive information gathered in the capture system.