Solenix Deutschland GmbH


Founded in 2007 by

  • Alexander Baumgartner

Incubation period

01-11-2010 to 31-10-2011


About Solenix Deutschland GmbH

Solenix is an international company providing high-quality software engineering, operations and consultancy services, and software products in the space market and other high-tech domains.

We are developing innovative and modern software solutions with the right balance between advanced and established technologies and concepts.

We perform all our activities in a collaborative and constructive manner, which has gained us a reputation of a reliable, capable and flexible partner.

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The challenge

Our current product portfolio is aimed at providing our customers an end-to-end solution for cost-effective and straightforward spacecraft operations. All our products are high performing and easy to integrate, being able to provide software that support the management and operations of complex systems in an intuitive and efficient manner.

  • Überlog is our web-based operations logbook solution with state-of-the-art user interface and collaboration features.
  • BOSS Dashboard is our web-based real-time dashboard solution for intelligent monitoring.
  • Elveti is our easy to use, flight-proven mission control system for nano and small satellites.

The solution

We provide expert consulting services to our customers in a wide range of domains, from spacecraft operations, ground segment engineering to management support and research of advanced technologies and concepts.
Our software engineering team is specialized in the development and maintenance of mobile solutions and data-driven systems, including dashboards and visualization tools, data analytics and event monitoring and alarming platforms.
We offer a number of software tools products, which build up on the expertise of our software engineering team. These products are developed in response to real needs and in close collaboration with the end-users.

Since our start in 2004, the Solenix group has achieved constant and sustainable growth and increase of its activities across Europe. Today, Solenix employs 35 staff and consists of Solenix GmbH (CH) and its subsidiaries Solenix Deutschland GmbH (D), Solenix Italia SRL (I), Solenix Schweiz GmbH (CH) and an office in the Netherlands.